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Pool "Dead Sea"

Pool Dead Sea Pool Dead Sea Pool Dead Sea
Basseyn Dead Sea diagram ustanovki
installation diagram
  • Equipment "Dead Sea" is compatible with any pool. Only necessary replacement of pipes and heating elements.
  • equipment is unique and has no analogues in the world.
  • unique processing technology salts recognized Prize RosGeo and Rosnedra as an absolute innovation that allows gomonizirovat water and salt ancient dead Sea .

The main effect of the introduction :

  • By using a unique block - gomonizatora water and salt at a lower salt density is achieved the same result as in the natural environment
  • Oborodovanie allows you to adjust parameters such as the composition of salt water , the density of the solution temperature .
  • achieved the same salt concentration as in nature - 32% (this proportion DaVinci ) .

The equipment allows the water to repeat any sea or ocean basic properties (density, temperature, chemical composition)


Only in the pool "Dead Sea" can reach a state of near weightlessness. This "guy" is useful for musculoskeletal and central nervous system.

Pool "Dead Sea" saturates the air with fumes mineralogical and provides a high therapeutic effect, especially for respiratory diseases.

Due to the high bromine and iodine in water and air, each client is a kind of anti-stress program, get rid of the syndrome of "chronic fatigue", relaxing, detoxifying and gives vitality.

With regard to human skin, then the use of natural minerals from the Dead Sea, it cleanses, tones. Salt not only help to maintain the necessary level of moisture, but also take an active part in metabolic processes, as well as protect the skin from harmful environmental exposures. If we talk about the body as a whole, this "dead" water is the best way to relieve stress, neutralizing the effects of life "in the bowels of civilization" - a modern ragged rhythm, increased noise and air and water pollution.

Basseyn water of the Dead Sea in Novahoff GEO-SPA

Basseyn water of the Dead Sea in Novahoff GEO-SPA

The density of the solution is such that the person is floating on her back as a float on the surface, quite effortlessly. This procedure is called floatation.

FLOATING is swimming in a layer of salt solution of high concentration (in fact, on the surface, as in weightlessness ), warmed to body temperature. An ordinary man, never in my life about anything FLOATING not hear may wonder - why we need it?

So-floatation - this is the most relaxing spa treatments in the world. Better way mankind has not invented ! Allows you to quickly relieve stress, chronic fatigue, mental stress, get rid of depression, restore energy and enhance the ability to work.

The main result obtained in the process of floating - this is a full, deep relaxation of the body. This relaxation can not be achieved in other ways. It is so deeply and totally, which is unique in itself. And that's the most profound state of relaxation gives a whole bunch of extremely positive results.

The most important obstacle that prevents get the most positive results from of floating, is fear. Fear of what you need to relax the muscles of the neck and put his head into the water. Many fear they will drown in water if dropped his head, but believe that the density of water with a solution of such salts will be much higher than the density of the body. So you can safely relax completely immerse yourself in the peace and inner sense of calm, peace and privacy.

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